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edit for iOS

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Edit is a single page of paper, not a notebook. You get one note, and whatever you leave in the app will be there when you get back. Once you’re done writing, you can send or save your text to anywhere in iOS via the Share Sheet.

Edit doesn’t try to replace your existing writing apps, it wants to complement them.

What’s in the box?

What the people say

Nate Barham: “I had my doubts, but damned if this isn’t just a lovely little piece of software. Welcome, Edit, to this writer’s home screen.”

Nick Heer: “It’s fast, it’s simple, and I use it all the time.”

Brian Stucki, VP at MacStadium: “It’s useful for a quick place to write phone numbers, quotes, confirmation numbers, etc before sending them off to their permanent app homes. This app jumped to my home screen pretty quick.”

Joshua Ginter: “Edit could be one of the simplest apps you’ll find in the App Store — it approaches one thing and strives to do one thing well: to be the ultimate iOS scratchpad.”

Cult of Mac: “If you ever find yourself frozen when you want to take a quick note, because you can’t decide which notes app is best for it, then you need Edit. At $2, it’s a steal.”

Michael Rockwell: “Edit is a brilliant new writing app from K.Q. Dreger that’s the very definition of doing one thing well. It’s a place to write short-term notes, draft email replies, compose articles, or jot down bits of text. I’ve been using it for just over a week and it’s already earned a permanent spot on my first home screen.”

Josh Calvetti: “It’s really good; the definition of one thing done well.”

The Chronicle of Higher Education: “It gives you exactly one note, and it’ll sit there until you apply an action to it from the iOS share sheet. It is completely unfussy, and convenient.”

Adam Oram: “Bought! I often use Notes for this purpose, and it’s become cluttered with random bits of text I don’t need or can’t remember why I wrote down.”

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It’ll outlive your iPhone

I’ve intentionally kept Edit simple so it stays fast and easy to maintain. The other benefit of this simplicity is that Edit should continue to run without issue on iOS devices for years to come. Because of that, I’m slapping a 10-year good faith guarantee on Edit’s general availability. Should there come a time over the next decade where I’m unable to update Edit to run on the latest version of iOS, I’ll open source the code for anyone to download and run themselves.

Happy writing,
K.Q. @Dreger