There are many websites, but this one is mine.

These pages are run out of my own pocket and in my spare time. What it lacks in regularity is hopefully made up for in quality.

The sparse design is intentional. I’m prone to tinker with the layout, grids, colors, typography. But by keeping things simple, I’m more likely to actually write.

(Also, “Kyle” is fine—I just sign my name KQ. My favorite authors all went by first-initial-middle-initial-last-name, and I really like that style.)

I look like this:

my face

Some other random tidbits:

This site’s body copy is set in IBM Plex Serif by Mike Abbink and Bold Monday, and the headlines are San Francisco by Apple.

Written on a MacBook Air (with the good keyboard) or iPhone 11 Pro (the sensibly-sized one).

Hosted on GitHub Pages, generated with Hugo.

Published from Northeast Ohio.

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